This museum collection has been assembled and displayed for your personal enjoyment. The collection has been made possible by an individual living and working under a 56465democratic government that allowed and encouraged a “Free Enterprise” system that worked for all people. This was a celebrated time during the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

Unfortunately, the 1990’s ushered in the era of the political bureaucrat (an official who works by fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgment). The political bureaucrat of the 1990s has left us s legate of a decayed free enterprise system. Under the free enterprise system of the 1960s, students and businesses did not require as much financial help and were even blessed with the opportunity to work, earn and pay their own way. Indeed, this collection was provided by an individual who started with nothing, received nothing, and worked his way through Florida State University as a Farrier (i.e. blacksmith).

654Today as you enjoy these treasures of an era gone by, we invite you to ask yourself this question:

“Under the oppressive constraints, rules and regulations forced on us by the 1990’s political bureaucrats, can “We the people” achieve the goals and regain the freedom outlined in the Constitution of the United States of America that is so vital to our existence in a healthy free enterprise system?